Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Symptom

What is nasopharyngeal carcinoma symptom?

In its early stage, nasopharyngeal carcinoma may not cause any symptoms. There are several possible noticeable symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma:

    • A lump in your neck caused by a swollen lymph node.

Typically, nasopharyngeal carcinoma resolve their suffering will experience a bulge or swelling in the neck. The bump is due to swelling in the lymph. People will also feel tense on the face and neck as a result of the swelling.

    • Blood in saliva

Blood in saliva is one of the symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cancer. This is because the state nasopharyngeal surrounded by cancer cells and cells in adverse conditions. Saliva produced will bleed.

    • Bloody discharge from nose

If they have the source, they are in the danger of cancer nasopharyngeal carcinoma. This is because the situation might have been worse and nasopharyngeal bleeding. Blood coming out of the nose is out of breath through the nasopharyngeal that had fallen into disrepair.

    • Frequent ear infection

Inner ear infection getting worse and often occurs. Nasopharyngeal conditions close to the ear to facilitate infection in the ear due to the spread of cancer cells. They will often feel uncomfortable and also feel pain in the ear.

    • Headaches

Headache frequency is also one symptom of nasopharyngeal cancer. Inner tension of the neck and lymph nodes will cause the veins to swell and may cause dizziness.

    • Hearing Loss

This sign is often suffered by patient’s nasopharyngeal carcinoma in stage 3 or 4.’s because at this stage of nasopharyngeal cancer was rest to other areas especially near as ear. When the ear has been infected then it will interfere with a person’s hearing system. Usually this problem only occurs in one ear only. At this point they should seek the advice of a doctor or do surgery to remove the cancer.

    • Nasal congestion

People with this disease will find it difficult breathing and congestion in the nose. Nasopharyngeal position very close to the nose interferes with breathing and shortness system. Additionally Lymph node swelling also narrows the vent.



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